Smee & Ford Data Services: Legacy solutions for charities

Smee & Ford has the most comprehensive information on legacy giving. Our team reads through around 5,000 Wills each week, identifying and reporting any charitable content. This has enabled us to build an extensive database of legacy giving in the UK, with information on every bequest for each named charity mentioned in a Will since September 2012.

How we can help your charity

We understand that every organisation has its own challenges which can arise from:

  • Building a case for additional investment to grow legacy programmes
  • Working in small teams with increasing responsibility, leaving less time for detailed data analysis
  • Updating strategies using incomplete and inconsistent internal data
  • Comparing performance against peer charities, with limited or no access to detailed sector data

Our legacy intelligence, coupled with our data solutions, maps the UKs charitable legacies to provide you with bespoke and detailed bequest data to inform your future fundraising campaigns.

Contact us today for bespoke insight into your potential legacy pool:
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