Case Study

In-depth Peer Analysis

The problem

A medium-sized UK charity within a causal area alongside many active smaller charities was struggling to get a clear understanding of giving across their peers. Many of the charities were receiving a small number of gifts a year, but this meant it was difficult to get a picture of what legacy giving across the cause looked like.

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The process

Smee & Ford’s comprehensive legacy data provided a view on every legacy that has been left, regardless of charity size. The charity was provided with an in-depth analysis of all the peer charities in granular form, as well as a larger trends report with a selection of views, creating a much clearer picture of the legacy landscape.



The results showed that while the charity was clearly one of the largest in the cause, the cumulative performance of the smaller charities was increasing year-on-year – while their performance was remaining static. We also found that they rarely appeared as co-beneficiaries with the smaller charities.

These findings opened up opportunities within this cause to showcase the benefit of multi-charity legacies.

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