Legacy View from Smee & Ford

Legacy View is the new service from Smee & Ford that offers you:

Legacy View, the legacy data service from Smee & Ford
  • The most comprehensive overview of legacy giving in the UK
  • Key legator data for all charitable estates in Britain
  • Advanced search functionality allowing you to search by:
    • Individual charity bequests
    • Death date
    • Causal areas
    • Codicil date
    • Location
    • Gender
    • Estate values
    • Age
    • Probate date
    • Bequest type
    • Will date
  • Ability to create your own bespoke analysis in minutes, saving you time & money
  • Detailed historic bequest data by cause since 2007
  • In depth data by named charity since at least September 2012
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Bespoke Data Services

Smee & Ford also offer more tailored data and analysis specific to your requirements. Request more information on the bespoke data services.