Legacy Notification Services

Are you looking to optimise your legacy administration and management? Subscribe to the S&F legacy notification services and receive:

  • Timely & accurate information on forthcoming legacies
  • Notification of named legacies within weeks of probate
  • Advanced notification of discretionary legacies
  • Information on any new charitable trusts or additional funding

Named Legacy Reports

  • Get notified of a legacy within weeks of it being granted probate
  • Receive detailed data for each of your charity's benefactors
  • Accurately forecast your legacy income figures

Discretionary Services

  • Receive details of relevant discretionary legacies
  • Specify the causes and geographical areas which match your charity
  • Approach executors with a targeted appeal

Charitable Trust Service

  • Get notified of charitable trust set-ups first
  • Find out about potential income early
  • Receive detailed data on trust benefactors
  • Contact the trustees with your appeal