Does your charity receive legacies?
Have you got a legacy marketing strategy?
Do you know what is going to happen with legacies in the future?

Over the past 40 years, income from legacies has grown steadily. Find out why in this webinar and make sure your charity is equipped to be part of the growing income stream.

Smee & Ford, the most comprehensive legacy data providers in the UK, have teamed up with Richard Radcliffe, one of the world’s leading legacy experts, to help you understand the legacy fundraising marketplace, and why legacy giving is due to increase dramatically over the coming years.

This FREE webinar provides an essential base for understanding legacy fundraising:

  • Explore the legacy fundraising cycle to enable you to prepare your own legacy fundraising campaign
  • Identify current will-making and legacy giving trends that can help define your strategy

Join this FREE webinar today to give your charity the edge in legacy fundraising.

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