Case Study

Opportunity Report

The problem

We worked closely with a medical charity who was looking to implement their first large-scale legacy marketing strategy. They worked mainly within two key regions and had a good presence in both, but were struggling with two significant challenges:

  • Building a case for investment in legacies
  • Understanding the opportunity and proving ROI

The process

In order to address both issues, using Smee & Ford data it was possible to split their two regions down to a postcode level. Two regional opportunity reports were created with a detailed breakdown of how legators had behaved within those regions. Information included:

  • Volume and value of bequests
  • Age, gender and location of legators
  • Types of bequests
  • Estate values
  • Lapse bands of the Wills


The intelligence meant that this charity could identify what the legacy opportunity had been over the last 6 years, which was significant for gaining internal buy-in. It also helped them put together a more targeted marketing campaign, based on areas that showed an affinity for legacy giving.

They are now into the second year of their strategy and have reported an uptake in both pledgers and supporters taking advantage of their free Wills program.

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