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Identify the profile and behaviours of past legators and define opportunities for future legacy campaign strategies.

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Smee & Ford collect data on ALL charitable bequests and have built an exclusive and comprehensive bank of information on gifts in Wills dating back to 2012. By accessing this data (through the Legacy Analysis Portal) charities can easily identify the profile and behaviours of their past legators, define growth opportunities, analyse trends and comparators and use this insight to inform their future legacy campaign strategies.

The Legacy Analysis Portal is the access point for your notification files and includes details of individual legacies that we hold for your charity, making it easy for administrators to view and locate documents relating to recent cases. It also includes dashboards that allow you to compare your charity to all others within the same income band and all other charities within the same causal area.

We give all Smee & Ford customers free access to their own charity’s real-time legacy data through the Legacy Analysis Portal and the opportunity to delve deeper through our enhanced and bespoke data services

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