Smee & Ford Data Services: Legacy solutions for charities

Track your charity’s legacy trends and strategy performance with the Smee & Ford Legacy Analysis Portal, a unique online tool which gives every Smee & Ford notification service customer access – free of charge – to their own charity’s real-time legacy data.

The Legacy Analysis Portal is easily accessible via web browser and uses powerful Tableau data visualisation software. The software allows you to interact with your data and present findings in a way most useful to you. Multi-view dashboards mean you can look at the data from a range of angles and investigate it at a granular level.

The three dashboard available are

  • Volume of bequests - allows you to view bequests left to your organisation over the last five years. Filter by bequest type, gender and value to identify trends amongst your legators compared to the sector.
  • Bequest value - allows you to understand legacy giving based on the value of the gifts from your legators. Compare your average gift value across different types of bequest compared to the sector.
  • Number of charities contained in Will - provides you an overview of how often you feature as a co-beneficiary, giving the fundraising team an idea of how you are viewed as a charity.

Access: This service is available free of charge to new and existing customers, please register for your free account here. Please contact our customer services team or visit our FAQs page for further information.

The Enhanced Legacy Analysis Portal: For deeper analysis, we have an enhanced portal subscription, it offers an expanded range of 9 dashboards alongside more insight, enabling charities to identify areas of potential growth as well as benchmark their legacy performance by comparing the data with up to 6 peer charities (of their choice), causal areas and the wider sector. To find out more download the brochure.

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