How legacy market data can unlock your full fundraising potential

Tuesday 20 June - 12:00


Recording interactions with supporters and understanding motivations and behaviours has always been a challenge for fundraising organisations.

Inputting data into recording mechanisms and working on actual knowledge as opposed to assumptions is a common challenge for legacy professionals. Now, accurate legacy pledger data can provide information that is a game changer for your organisation.

We have enhancements to our notification data sets which provide outstanding insights, shining a light on:

  • Market share: How is your organisation doing compared to other causes in your causal area or sector-wide?
  • Co-beneficiaries: Who do your supporters care about as well as you? What are their interests?
  • Geographical insight: Where are your real supporter hotspots?
  • Pledger behaviour: What are your known supporters actually doing, who have your intenders actually supported?
  • Loss of pledges: If you are not named where you thought you were, who is your supporter pledging to instead?
  • Notification trends: Are your notifications up and down in line with everyone else's?


Mark Pincher, Head Data Analyst, Smee & Ford

Clare Sweeney, Consultant/Owner, Keepace Consults


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